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Events for 2018

Thursday 3rd May - Visit to NT Coleshill Estate and NT Buscot Park

Leave RAF 9a.m. Return 4 p.m. - Cost £17.50 to include refreshments on arrival

Christian Walker will meet us and after coffee he will take us for a gentle walk giving an overview of Coleshill Estate – House and WW2 people. Winston Churchill and his hush hush network of spies, saboteurs, weapons and espionage and the British Resistance. Catering is difficult here so please bring your own picnic lunch, which we will
eat in the Granary. After lunch Christian will accompany us to Buscot Park. where we can enjoy the rest of the afternoon and have a cup of tea in the tearooms

N.B. Good footwear advised and please bring your NT cards

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May 20th-24th - Annual Holiday to Devon - Download the booking form for the Annual Holiday - Download the information for the Annual Holiday

Friday 8th June - NT Charlecote and Thenford Gardens - Michael and Anne Heseletine’s Garden

Leave RAF 9.30 Return 5 p.m. - Cost £29

Join us for a morning trip to NT Charlecote Park, extensively remodelled in the Victorian period. Freeflow through the house and Victorian Kitchens or stroll through the Woodland Garden before lunching in The Orangery Tea Room. We leave at 2 p.m. for Thenford Arboretum which houses 3500 varieties of trees and shrubs, set in 70 acres. There are medieval fishponds, an18th century walled garden and lakes. Tea, coffee and cakes will be available to purchase in the Church Barn.

Please bring your NT cards

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Tuesday 10th July - Visit to Berkeley Castle, including Dr Jenner’s House and Butterfly House

Leave RAF 9.45 a.m. Return 3.30 p.m. Cost £23.50

The most remarkable thing about the Castle is that for nine centuries, the building, the Berkeley family, the archives (which go back to the 12th Century), the contents, the estate and the town have all survived together. The Castle is one of the March Castles, built to keep out the Welsh. It has all the trappings to match: trip steps designed to make the enemy stumble during an assault, arrow slits, murder holes, enormous barred doors, slots where the portcullis once fell, and worn stones where sentries stood guard.

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Dates for your diary...

Saturday 11th August Walks with Michael Foster-Smith and Dennis Williams

Thursday 6th September Trip to Kew Gardens

Wednesday 10th October NT Upton House

If you are interested in any of the events please complete the appropriate reply slip(s), and return them with your cheque(s) and a stamped address envelope to the named person by the dates given. We would appreciate one cheque per event please.

If you wish to bring a friend there will be an additional charge of £2 per event for non-members, if space permits after the closing date.

On the reply slips we are asking for the name of a family member or friend with whom we can get in touch with during an event or outing should we need to.